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What our translators say...

“I have been an active member of the Barrett Translations team for several years. Barrett Translations is one of the most reliable, professional translation agencies I have ever worked for. There is always someone there for me if I need any clarification or support. Reasonable deadlines and punctual payments - what more could a translator want?

“I have been working as a freelance translator for more than 15 years and can confirm that Barrett Translations is one of the most reliable agencies I have ever worked for. They are very well organised, supportive and ready to help translators. Co-operation with translators is, in fact, very important for quality assurance. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Barrett Translations.

“Having worked for Barrett Translations as an English-Dutch and German-Dutch translator for some years now, I can only affirm that it is a great pleasure working for, or rather with, them. They consistently manage and monitor their assignments with optimum care and attention. Deadlines are reasonable and, in addition, they are very punctual when it comes to meeting their financial obligations. All in all: I consider Barrett Translations to be a highly professional translation agency and any translator would be happy to work for them.”

“I find David and Cecily at Barrett Translations Ltd. friendly, professional and efficient to work with. As a translator himself, David understands what is involved in translation and allows reasonable deadlines, provides helpful reference material, etc. For a small company, they have some prestigious clients and the work is always interesting. Payment is prompt and efficient.”

“For all the time I have done work for Barret Translations I have found them to be very professional and helpful in replying to my queries, and they are very easy and friendly to talk to. They seem to understand the translator's position in the whole process and payments have always been made promptly.“

“I have worked for Barrett Translations for the past five years and have always found them to be a very good company to work for. They fully understand the translator's work and they are always helpful and supportive.”

“An agency like Barrett Translations, which offers interesting projects, continuity of contact person, constructive feedback, prompt payments, is well organised and, perhaps mostly importantly, looks to build a relationship with its translators and utilise their expertise to the best advantage is a rarity. I wholeheartedly recommend Barrett Translations as an LSP. “

"Working with Barrett Translations is always a pleasure. David and Cecily are both professional and friendly and they show that they appreciate the freelancers they use by holding an annual social event. When I work with Barrett Translations, it feels like I am working with colleagues rather than for a distant client. They are easy to communicate with, the work they offer is always appropriate to my skills and qualifications and the feedback they give is always useful."

“From a freelancer’s perspective, an excellent LSP: Barrett Translations is committed to quality, automatically applies the “four eyes” principle, is aware that quality has its price, is co-operative and well organised.”

“With Barrett Translations you are treated as a valued individual, not just another translator from their database; they are great to work with."

© 2006-2021 Barrett Translations Ltd. Unit A, The Gashouse, 70 High Street, Bassingbourn, Cambridgeshire, SG8 5LF, UK