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What our customers say...

"We have worked with Barrett Translations for several years. It's incredible how much thought and attention to detail they invest in the translation of a wide variety of often challenging documents, including editorials, PR material and texts of a highly specialised nature. A professional, reliable service!"


– Yvonne Steiner, Business Relations Services



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“We have worked together with Barrett Translations many times. Our website, brochures and catalogues are checked and translated for many years by Barrett Translations. The speed and quality of the translated texts are superb. We will continue to work together in the future.”



– Susanne van der Linden.

Marketing Communications Team Co-ordinator

Legamaster International B.V.

“I’ve worked with Barrett Translations for a few years now and would certainly recommend them; they’re responsive, extremely thorough and always go out of their way to accommodate my ‘need it yesterday’ requests!”



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I think it is amazing the level of interest with which Barrett Translations embrace every new topic - whether it be a press release for a product or our sometimes-difficult-to-translate scientific-cultural texts.”


Institut für Kulturkonzepte

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“This translation is excellent work!!! Thank you so much for the quick and outstanding support you have provided today – as you have always done throughout our working relationship."


– Karolin Hohmann, Aon



“The service offered by Barrett Translations is very reliable. Not only is the work of high quality, it is also delivered on time.”


– Dr. Gesa Birnkraut, Birnkraut Partner


Concept Research Limited has been manufacturing a range of effective ultrasound animal deterrents in our Stevenage factory for 20 years. Traditionally, our core market has been UK garden centres, but over recent years our reputation as a pro-active supplier of quality products that deliver on their promises has grown internationally.


Selling to clients overseas, many of whom require product packaging & instructions in their own languages led us to search for a translation company that could handle our requirements. In 2012, we appointed Barrett Translations as our preferred supplier of translation services and we have enjoyed an excellent working relationship with David Barrett and his team ever since. Our translation requirements are turned around to agreed deadlines, their costs are reasonable and most importantly their work is accurate. We recommend Barrett Translations to any business requiring translation services.


-- Chris Blackburn, Concept Research

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© 2006-2021 Barrett Translations Ltd. Unit A, The Gashouse, 70 High Street, Bassingbourn, Cambridgeshire, SG8 5LF, UK

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Immer hilfsbereit, flexibel, schnell und äußerst präzise in den Übersetzungen – und ein sehr angenehmer und zuverlässiger Partner mit hohem Sympathiefaktor! Wir können Barrett Translations nur empfehlen!


– Marketing, badgepoint® GmbH

„In Barrett Translations haben wir einen höchst professionellen und zuverlässigen Partner gefunden. Unsere Zusammenarbeit läuft seit Jahren auf gleichbleibend hohem Niveau.“



– edding International GmbH